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Faculty members (present & past)

Dr. K.N. Chhabra


Dr. K.N. Chhabra, an alumnus of KGMC, Lucknow, served in the army during the 1971 war and decided to open a Diagnostic facility in Dehradun in 1975. After doing his specialization in Pathology & Microbiology (DCP) from Allahabad, he founded the Pathology Centre on 15th August, 1975. His work has been focused on Reliability since that day. Till date colleagues in the medical field call on his skills when faced with extraordinary circumstances. He has recently been awarded the FICP (Fellow of Indian college of Pathologists). He is a humble man, who takes great pride in the years of reliable service provided.

Dr. Indu Chhabra


Dr. Indu Chhabra co-founded the Pathology Centre. She did her MBBS from KGMC, Lucknow and then specialized in the field of Obstetrics and Gynecology (DGO) from Allahabad. She is multifaceted personality with extraordinary talents in the field of planning and architecture. It is her special insight into workflow management that has made the Pathology centre "a quality diagnostic health care service provider".


Dr. Divye Chhabra

MD (Path) (MAMC, New Delhi)


Dr. Divye Chhabra is an alumnus of LLRM Medical college, Meerut, he did his MD in Pathology from Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi where he received a "Gold Medal" for outstanding performance. He then proceeded to London, UK for a brief stint abroad. At the University College Hospital in London, he worked under the guidance of pioneers of modern pathology, notably Dr. Gabriella Kocjan a world renowned Cytologist who has authored several books and the revered Prof. Isaccson, the Haematologist who had first described Mantle Cell Lymphoma. 

He later returned to MAMC as a senior resident to further his experience under some of the greatest teachers of the subject. His sharp focus and love for technology fuels the centre's growth.


Dr. Avneesh Malviya

MD (Path) (SNMC, Agra)


Dr. Avneesh is is the newest faculty memeber of the centre. He brings with him a rich experience in hematology and histopathology.

He is a passionate diagnostician with a razor sharp focus. A proponent of advancement of diagnostic services through use of technology, he has enabled the centre to provide excellent core pathology services. He also brings with him a rich clinical and surgical experience from an earlier stint as a ENT surgeon.



Dr. Yogita Kumar

MD(Path) (LHMC, New Delhi)


Dr. Yogita is an alumnus of Maulana Azad Medical College, Delhi and Lady Hardinge Medical College, New Delhi. She has a rich experience of diagnostic practice from premier institutes and is also a qualified management professsional (MBA-Healthcare administration) from Faculty of Management Studies, Delhi University. She actively takes part in and has led several large scale public health initiatives.

She brings to the centre her valuable experience and a fresh knowledge base. Her respect for good laboratory practices, the passion for the subject combined with her love for humanity sets the centre towards the path of excellence.


Prof. B.R. Panhotra

MD, Ph D (Micro) (PGI MER, Chandigarh)

Former Head of Department,


Srinagar Medical College


Words fail to describe the contibutions made by Prof. Panhotra to the Centre. He worked here for several years in the nineties and made the microbiology section what it is today. A keen eyed man, he developed the standard operating procedures of microbiology, which we strictly follow to date. Several new diagnostic parameters were added to the laboratory during his tenure. We cannot give enough credit to him for making the Centre the best microbiology unit of Uttaranchal.



Brig. B.K. Sharma

DCP, MD (Path) (PGI MER, Chandigarh)


Brig. Sharma pioneered the facility of histopathology at the pathology centre. His years of experience contributed immensely to the subject. An ex-army man he established the discipline of tissue processing. Under his guidance the centres' Surgical pathology grew from its nascent stage.


Dr. Devki Nihalani

MD (Path)

Former Asso. Prof. of Path,

Jodhpur Medical College.


Dr. Devki provided her expert guidance to the Pathology centre during her few years at Dehradun. She was an honorary consultant for Cytology and Histopathology. Her love for the subject of pathology was her driving force. The centre benefited a lot from her.