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Lab Medicine

Lab Medicine includes all sections of laboratory diagnostics, whether it is careful and painstaking microscopy or automation of analyses. Expert doctors along with trained lab technologists follow standardized guidelines to deliver consistent and reliable lab reports. We place our patients first.

Integrated Analyses

Each fully automated, robotic analyzer is bidirectionally interfaced to the enterprise laboratory information system. Test orders flow seamlessly to the analyzers and test results flow back to the LIS reaching the patient reports.

Barcode workflow

Sample are bar-coded on receipt. Each sample tube is used as a primary tube for sample processing and analyzers recognize the samples and the tests orders from the bar-code identification.

Recent Upgrades


Delta Check

We have always monitored each result before validating for reports and our knowledge and experience helps us pay extra attention when required. This system is now standardized in our operations using international guidelines to for monitoring and evaluation of operations. Each patients previous record of a given certain tests is reviewed based on these guidelines

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Major Software Upgrade

A major software upgrade is planned during the last quarter of this year (2014). We have carefully set it up so that it is a smooth transitions for our patrons. A step by step change has been initiated over the last 2 quarters so that operation-critical training changes can be executed prior to large scale

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A new modern site!

Welcome to our new website. Technology upgrades are our favorite yearly exercises, but its mostly around our lab analysis. This time we figured we spice up our website. Hope it serves a good user experience for you all. Thank you for your continued support and patronage.

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Lab Reports on the cloud

‘Cloud’ being a loosely used term for invisible internet services and data management, we have revamped our system of reports delivery to our patrons using the cloud. We have added a personalized reports by email system ensuring delivery of validated, complete results by mail to the correct mail-id. Patients can access their reports using the

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Equimolar Vitamin D measurement

Vitamin D is a fat soluble steroid hormone that occurs in two forms, vitamin D2 (ergocalciferol) and vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol). Vitamin D enters the body through skin exposure to the sun or through dietary intake, enters the circulation and is hydroxylated in the liver to form 25(OH) Vitamin D. It is further hydroxylated in the

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Samples barcoded on receipt. Processed from primary tubes. Autoresults to reports