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Smart Data Management

Our technology backbone simplifies are workflow and gives us the confidence in our reports which we pass on to our valued patients.

  • Enterprise LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System

    A central workflow management solution uniquely identifies each sample of each patient and tracks its process flow through the system during its pre-analytical, analytical and post-analytical journey. Test orders are controlled and sent to relevant automated analyzers for processing. Each analyte has a controlled performance metric which is monitored for judging the validity of the result by us. The results once validated are captured in the database for reporting

  • Bi-directional Interfacing

    All analyzers communicate with the LIMS through a sophisticated integration technology. The link is bi-directional meaning.

    1. Test orders are captured from the central patient registration system and passed to the analyzers, making sure the relevant and correct order goes to any particular analyzer.
    2. Test Results flow from the analyzer to the LIMS database and then onwards to the validated patient reports
  • Bar-codes on Sample tubes and PSID

    Sample barcoding using an industry standard methodology for unique identification. All terminals and all analyzers have a barcode scanner gun to read the barcode and automatically identify the sample. This Positive Sample Identification system (PSID) is the mainstay of a robust analytical flow.

  • Sample Record, Report generating and managing system

    All results from painstaking microscopy or through an automated laboratory process are validated and consolidated into a patient record which is used to generate reports. Each reporting event is tracked for managing how and when patient reports are dispatched.